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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the courses on Udemy and the ones on Dion Training?
Answer: Udemy controls the format and content of courses on their platform. They place certain limitations on our courses, such as any course that includes videos can only have up to 2 practice exams. If a course is a practice exam only course, it can contain up to 6 practice exams but no videos. Also, Udemy courses cannot be sold with an exam voucher (ITIL, PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile, and LPI certification) or hands-on labs (CompTIA certifications).


Are the videos and practice exams different on the Udemy courses and the ones on Dion Training?
Answer: No, the videos and practice exams are the same on both websites. On Dion Training, we provide all of the materials needed in a single course, though. For example, our ITIL 4 Foundation course on Dion Training contains all the videos, quizzes, a study guide, and 8 practice exams. On Udemy, this course is sold as two courses: the "ITIL 4 Foundation: Complete Course & 2 Practice Exams" course and the "ITIL 4 Foundation: 6 Practice Exams" course. If purchase both courses on Udemy, you will have all the same content as the Dion Training course.


Do I really need to buy the "Complete Course" and "Practice Exams course" for the certification I am studying for?
Answer: That depends on you. About 50% of our students only buy one course or the other, while the other half buys both courses. Generally, students buy the "Complete Course" first and work through it. At the end of the course, they take the practice exam(s) included in that course. If they score high enough, they schedule their exam and don't buy the "Practice Exams" course. If they scored low, then they buy the additional "Practice Exams" course as additional practice before taking the official certification exam.


Can I just buy your "Practice Exams" course and pass my certification exam?
Answer: Maybe. The "Practice Exams" courses are designed to test your knowledge to ensure you are ready to pass your certification exam. If you are already working in the field covered by your certification, the "Practice Exams" courses can help you determine which areas you need to study specifically instead of having to study an entire textbook. Alternatively, if you already watched a video series from another instructor or read a textbook, the "Practice Exams" courses by themselves can be used to ensure you are ready to pass the exam.


If I memorize all of your questions and answers in your practice exams, will this GUARANTEE that I will pass the exam?
Answer: No. Our practice exams are not "exam dumps" and do not contain questions from the official exam. Simply memorizing our exams WILL NOT guarantee that you will pass your exam. Instead, you should take the practice exams, review what you got incorrect, and learn from your mistakes. On the official exam, all the same content will be tested, but they will word the questions differently (because they wrote their questions and we wrote ours).